Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Le Tour d'Office

It must be summer – my lips taste of apricot juice, there are lizards scurrying across the car park and even the cranes look good at sunset.

Everyone is either already parted, or if not they are parting, for holiday; those who are in the city are all a-short and the evening bars are sitting outside.

And I’m working!

Slaving away like a hot me.

And just to rub it in The Tour de France is pedalling and changing gear past the end of the dusty track where I live and I’m not there to shout an “allez”.

I’m in the office.


Ok, ok – I’m not the world’s hugest fan (of work either) but I like the ritual around the event.

In fact – I like the ritual around any event.

The unwrapping is better than the present.

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