Friday, 3 June 2011

Self Portrait 3

Judging by the picture above (self portrait of uncertain date) I clearly am not an Artist.

However, I have in the past been called an “artiste” to my face, and I have once signed an autograph at a stage door -I have also ASKED someone to sign an autograph at a stage door – I’m no prima Dona!

Judging by the picture below (self portrait from yesterday) I have made very little progress in my attempts to BECOME an Artist; some people close to me, seeing it yesterday, ventured ‘NO progress”.

Back to the drawing board then I guess.

Except I’ve never had a drawing board - though I once worked in an office (for seven months) alongside someone who did.

His name was Derek and he was the draughtsman employed by the Gordon District Planning Department in Aberdeen, Scotland, where I “worked” for a short period.

They used a flexi time system – you could start as early as 8, take from half an hour to two for lunch and finish as late as 8 in the evening.

This also meant, of course, that you could start as late as 10, take a 2 hour lunch break at 12 and pack up at 4 in the afternoon – an exhausting 4 hours work.

Things changed when I decided that Town and Country Planning was not who I was and to get a signed release form I had to be in there at one minute to eight, eat for no more than 30 minutes and lock up as the last one to leave at 18.01.

Everyday for a month.

Derek had a more pragmatic approach – he doodled.

I should have paid more attention – I might be an Artist if I had.


Anonymous said...

have to totally disagree.
your drawings are those of someone who can make a mark and make it work!
takes "real" artists years to achieve. if these where in a gallery, id want to know who the artist was.
so there!x

popps said...

They say flattery will get you everything - so what would you like?:-)

Janet Bianchini said...

You shouldn't put your work down..these drawings are very good, in fact exceptionally good!

popps said...

How can you say that!! :-)
I don't look like this !!!

Janet Bianchini said...

Well, I don't know about that, as I've never met you in person. However, to clarify, I meant to say exceptional in that it does look good, and much better than I would ever be able to draw!

PS I mentioned you in my latest post re being the only person who noticed my new blog design :-)

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