Sunday, 22 May 2011

Thought of the Day 20

So, did you go to the cinema this week?




How can you “almost” go to the cinema?

By not quite being there.

What did you almost see then?

Pirates of The Caribbean number Four.

Ah, that’s the one with that woman in isn’t it; the one you like?

It is, but I don’t, and she isn’t anyway.

Really, what happened to her?

I don’t know but she was in the film we talked about last week - Never Let Me Go – and I didn’t like her in that either.

Not even when she does that thing with her mouth?

ESPECIALLY when she does that thing with her mouth.

Oh, talking of mouths, we got some comments about Never Let Me Go last week.




You like HER, don’t you?



What did she say?

She said the film was sad, cruel and nih, nhil, nill… hang on…….nihilistic.



She’s clever isn’t she?


What does it mean?


No, nihilwhatsit.


Yes, that.

I don’t know.

Look it up.

Ok. Hang on……er…. oh….apparently comes from the Latin word meaning nothing.

Do you think she studied Latin?

I did.

You did?

I did.

So why didn’t you know what it meant.

I said I STUDIED latin, I didn’t say I was any good.

How long did you study it?

Five years.

Did you take an exam?


Did you pass?


What! After five years, don’t you remember anything?



Omnibus – for the people, by the people – everybody – the bus.

The number 9.

No it was a 94, went to Lewisham where my gran lived, red double decker – started in Farnborough village, ended up in the centre of London. Brilliant. Conductor, lucky ticket, seat at the front top deck.

I’m lost. What are we talking about?

Nihilism – an extreme form of sceptism that systematically rejects all values, belief in in existence etc.

Is that you speaking?

No the dictionary.

Do you think Mary knows all that?

I think so, she’s a smart cookie.

Maybe she didn’t mean that – maybe she ws thinking that it is a revolutionary doctrine of destruction for its own sake?

Stop reading over my shoulder.


No look – maybe she meant “a complete denial of all established authority and institutions”?


So was it?

Cruel? Well, the film itself wasn’t cruel, but the things that were happening to the protagonists, was.



Big word, bigger than nihilistic, what does it mean?


People? You sure?

Er.. hang on….yeah – comes from the Greek.

Do you think Mary speaks Greek?

Probably, she is Italian.

What’s that got to do with it?

Romans, they were next door to the Greeks.

They were?

They were.

I didn’t know that.

There you go, you learn something every day.


Mary said...

Another one of those 3 day holiday weekends here [Queen Victoria Day] in Canada so am behind in my BnB reading. We have just returned from a baseball tournament. My son pitched a beautiful game this evening. Likely one of the best outings of his life thus far.

Nice discussion about the origin and meaning of the word nihilistic.

The story of Never Let Me Go is certainly a cautionary tale for humankind but it was so sad and hopeless that all I could think was 'what is the point of bothering to tell the story'? I preferred the movie 'Children of Men' from a couple of years back. As dire as the world had become, there was still hope and a lot of fight left in them.

Will be giving Pirates a pass I'm afraid. Too much CGI for me.

Dog tired -- must get to bed.

Nighty night and sweet dreams to both of you.


popps said...

It must have been his haircut?!

Anne Hodgson said...

I'm going to see Pirates 4 on Sunday. But then, I like cheesy films. Saw "I Phone You", which got ripped to shreds even by the German press, and that with ourt relatively small market, but frankly enjoyed it. Maybe I've been too critical for too long, critical of myself, in particular, and just long for a break. Optimism! Home-made! Everyone's an artists! There is well-being in showing up, day-to-day, and appreciating what one finds, as one finds it, within and without. Hope you're well.

Anne Hodgson said...

Oops, my typing is getting worse. Sorry. Hope you can make sense of it nonetheless. (?)

popps said...

I'm making sense of you Anne, and say - 'take that break!"
And i will look out for I Phone You which i know nothing about but if you are recommending it then that is good enough for me.
Meanwhile i can't wait for Pirates 4 , this week they are showing it in French so i have to wait a month!

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