Friday, 20 May 2011

New Day

In the beginning was the word.
And the word was, and the word was with.

Always looking for a place to start…
Sunlight through the window wakes me…

Across the meadow, a mole laying where the cat laid it, night over green.

Sitting on the flat rock, under oak, listening to bird song.

I pick up a fallen branch, one more for a future fire, maybe Saturday night.

The sun is warm, waiting to hot.

A cat calls, comes, says hello.

I walk to the empty house, waiting too.

Water, flame, tea.

It’s a beginning..


Anonymous said...

what is the photo ?
Looks like "broken arrows on the shore"
i know its not but looks like the seagulls have had a party.

popps said...

It's new morn corn in dew and sunlight xx

Anonymous said...

thats much more romantic.
always love your images

popps said...

well thank you, and i always love your comments.
I just wish i knew who you are!!?
ps seagulls are very romantic, feathers too.
pps broken arrows on the shore as well!

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