Saturday, 14 May 2011

Catch a Fire.

In 1976 when Jeremy announced that he was off to the reggae disco I was surprised.

He had been my best friend at university, I thought I knew him pretty well and with graduation we had both moved northwards into Scotland where our friendship continued – although separated by the distance of Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

I’m not sure either of us had used the word in conversation before, maybe it hadn’t been invented before that night as we walked across the cobbles towards his flat.

My girlfriend had just moved from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, “I want more than the northeast can provide,” and she was sharing part of my friend’s flat.

Things at this stage were still clear.

Murkiness came later.

A year later, after my exodus to Reading, I found myself alone with so much things to say, and wondering how to say them.

Jeremy visited and added his artistic flair to an event I had organised; we were still close, inseparable and friends for life.

Nothing could come between us.

Things were still clear.

My girlfriend moved to London, Jeremy stayed to finish his studies in Edinburgh.

Then I moved into London, looking for kaya, wondering how to have it.

There were questions, travel, a marriage – is this love?

Jeremy moved south; we west; a crisis and then she is gone.

Back to London, I think we survived, but things were no longer clear but very murky, especially after the ambush in the night.

Some confusion certainly, more than was necessary with the wisdom of hindsight.

There followed the uprising and the three of us moved separate ways, some very far leaving the murk to settle around the places we abandoned.

There was no final confrontation. Much was played out in silence.

Bob Marley died thirty years ago this week – that was about the last time I saw Jeremy.

We spoke once on the phone, a few years back.

But there was no redemption song.


Anonymous said...

such a good looking 70s hairy man.
Im concerned about Jeremy, what is he doing now?

popps said...

I think Jeremy is ok, i phoned him during Landmark, we spoke, we said goodbye.
he married a Kriss!

Mary said...

No redemption without forgiveness. That's the tough part.


popps said...


Mary said...

I don't understand. Acronyms aren't my strength.


popps said...

Two Ys (too wise) you are
too wise you be
i see you are
too wise for me.

I think you are wise (Ys)

Mary said...

Atonement + Forgiveness = Redemption. Not easy to achieve.

Not sure I understand the nature of the disagreement between you and Jeremy -- none of my business -- but whatever it was didn't stop you from thinking about the time you shared and carrying him in your heart for more than 35 years.

That's pretty significant. I hope that you will meet up with him again some day when whatever it was, falls away, and what remains are the good memories.


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