Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thinking of you

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Dear Michael, you would have loved last Sunday if you could have been here; it was full of the incidental detail that I think you love - and hot and blue with a full moon to boot.

Rising from your van as you would have been, the early mornings fresh bite would have surprised you, but the promise of the warmth to come would have been evident even to sleepy eyes.

The cuckoo would have greeted you as you walked across the meadow that now is a tumble of dandelion heads, ready to blow – maybe you would have stopped and checked the time.

We would have broken the night’s fast with fresh orange juice and then headed down to the market.

It was garden day; the square was full or roses, Basil was there – do you remember him? – he was selling heart shaped living reed bushes, you would have bought one; there were sculptures, I bought two zinc birds – you would have too.

La Plage was open – first day of the season! They were serving couscous and the table by the open window looking over the cascading river was free; there was a heron standing on the weir.

An afternoon in the hammock, the smell of fresh mown grass, maybe a game…..

Then the moon rise!


Anonymous said...

very romantic x

popps said...

Thinking of you really x

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