Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rabb IT.

This is pretty weird.

I live, basically, in the nowhere of the middle of nowhere; if there was a graphic depiction of my home it would be a few bits of furniture in the middle of fields and forest.

Sure, people find their way to the front door from time to time and often I try to get them to stay, but they usually move on eventually.

But this is weird – ‘cos I have a wifi system set up in the house and where I am sitting right now, at the end of the house by lst summer's fire, the signal is so weak that my super clever computer can’t find it.

But it IS picking up the signal of ANOTHER – and there is NO ONE out there!

And what’s weirder is that it’s not there everyday, but some days.

Sitting their reading this it probably doesn’t seem weird to you but that’s just because you don’t know, as I do, how empty those forests and fields are.

There’s no one with a domestic structure near enough to provide the signal –I’m the only near possibility and it’s not me.

So I’m off for a look in the forest – maybe there is a rabbit running internet.


Vicki Hollett said...

This sounds like it could be very handy, Chris. Your net connection goes down - no prob - you use a neighbour's (except in this case of course it sounds like it must be a very physically distant distant neighbour's) Heck, we did just that ourselves when our connection went down the other day.

Now where is the signal coming from? It must be bouncing around from, well who knows where. If it turns out you canpick up our ISP in Philadelphia, drop me a line and I'll send you the password.

popps said...

If your ISP in Philly reaches me Vicki, i'll buy you a meal in my favourite restaurant in Toulouse.

In fact if YOU reach Toulouse , i'll buy you a meal in my favourite restaurant in Toulouse!

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