Saturday, 30 April 2011


I’m vexed.

The thing that is vexing me is ice cream.

I can’t decide whether to sign up for Penn State University ice cream maker course and then reinvent myself as an ice creamista in a little café by the sea somewhere, or just spend the rest of my life eating ice cream produced by others.

Here in Antibes on the French Riviera I’m trying to eat my way through Monsieur Voiron’s repertoire - which he produces at the back of his “laboratory”, tonight I’ll try his vanilla.

Nougat and honey, berry cream, burnt caramel, mango and chocolate are all very yummy but it’s what you do with the pistachio and the vanilla that marks you out as a craftsman/woman.

In my vexed opinion.


Anne Hodgson said...

For me, it's how they do strawberry. No two strawberry ice-creams ever taste the same. My favorite is Haägen Dasz, but that might just be because it has little frozen chunks of strawberries - yum! - and comes in such small buckets that every coffee spoonful is worth focussing on.

popps said...

Anne - if you buy your ice cream by the bucket full then you have to be my customer!

Anne Hodgson said...

What do you call the containers, if not buckets?

Just noticed that I'd eat vanilla by the coffee spoonful, but strawberry by the (peppermint) teaspoonful.

popps said...

I think i always say tub of ice cream.
but i also say the bath tub, which is about the correct quantity i think.
By the way i'll swap my strawberry ice cream for anything you wish, though hagen das is pretty good!

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