Thursday, 28 April 2011

As good as it gets.

How did that happen?

I’m on holiday!

It’s brilliant!

People should do this all the time!

Right this minute I’m on a balcony, I can see a palm tree, I can smell the sea, the square below is full of people lunching in the sunshine, I can hear the mummer of happy folk, the clink of plates as the waiters clear, my daughter has painted her toe nails red, put on her flip flops and is wearing a dress(!) and the afternoon whispers of a swim at the beach.


Anne Hodgson said...

I'd like to place a complaint. I wrote this to THE BOX OF RANDOM ANSWERS (FOR EMERGENCY USE), seeing as it was all in capital letters and all, and this is what I wrote:

"Dear Uncle Box, I need a vacation badly, now! What can I do?
Burned Out."

And this is what that old basterd of a box wrote back:

"Very unlikely."

Oh, no!! Uncle Box!!!!

popps said...

It says Emergency use only because the truth sometimes hurts.

On the bright side "highly unlikely" is not the same as "impossible"

The difficult I'll do right now
The impossible will take a little while

Anne Hodgson said...

Hmhm, like the wind that shakes the bough, I'll be out sailing, somewhere, somehow. Thanks, Chris, and enjoy your time off!

Mafalda said...

Hmmm I have a lovely picture in my mind now reading this... in fact I've got lots of lovely pics, thanks !

vicki hollett said...

Ha! I'm with you on that one Anne. That box of random answers needs its head examined. I also got the answer "very unlikey" when I asked it 'What is pi?'
Sorry you can't have a holiday. Perhaps feed the fish instead? I find it very calming.

popps said...

What are you saying?
The random box of answers should go?
When has "what is Pi" been an emergency!!?

popps said...

Thanks for dropping in Mafalda, and thanks for telling me about the invisible chateau - can there be such a thing?

Anne Hodgson said...

Feeding the fish is clearly an option, @Vicki, but it goes only so far. I very much enjoyed a proper day out sailing on May Day, that was a micro-vacation. Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back from your trip.
@Chris, I'm starting to be a wee bit suspicious about how random those answers are if the two people who have shared their experience have received the very same response. Since I don't want to play with fate, I challenge someone else to The Random Box. I would defer judgement. What sayest thou?
@Malfada/ Alice, so nice to bump into you here at Chris' Ice Cream Parlor!

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