Monday 14 March 2011

Singing In The Rain (part one)

If you have been attentive in reading enough of these pages recently you will know that throughout March – today being the fourteenth of – bitsnbobs is celebrating rain in some way or other.


Who knows – but whoever that IS, has tried to explain it here.

Furthermore, if you have been attentive before in reading even more of the blog you may have noticed that John Martyn is one of the things that bitsnbobs likes.

He got a mention back in February 2009 (here) - albeit with incorrect spelling - he popped up in a fantastic video in May 2010 (here) and concluded the almost legendary Christmas 2009 advent calendar posts (here).

Ok, you would have to be VERY attentive to have spotted this AND to conclude that there is a special place in the bitsnbobs heart for the man’s music.

So now I’m telling you.

And here he is singing in the middle of the mizzles.

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Mary said...

Next to Singing in the Rain -- I love the song "Rainy Night in Georgia" by Brook Benton. Here's the link to one of his live performances --

Love the old time soul singers!