Monday, 9 August 2010

Don't trust her an inch!

A witch pruned my roses yesterday.

Looking at them today you would think they were sticks - is the fact that a few unopened buds sit in a vase of water on the table meant to be a gesture of reconciliation?

And stop me naming my sister-in-law as Satan’s deputy incarnate?


Vicki said...

Oh but I bet your sister in law was right to do that, Chris, and you may find you're thanking her next year.
We have similar conflicts in our house (or on our deck, to be more specific), mostly over the raspberry and the geraniums - if you can still call them geraniums when they seem to have climbed three foot up the wall. I wonder where he hid my secateurs.

popps said...

You may be right Vicki, but then again the last person who did this to my roses (mother-in-law) killed it, so i'm well wary - i'll report back.