Saturday 7 November 2009 giant leap for Loui

It turns out that the downfall of the outdoor thermometer reported yesterday was no coincidence whatsoever but the dramatic representation of the climatic degradation being dumped on our heads -making us pay for a glorious October.

Yep, it’s raining………………………………………….and raining….and raining.

The ground is slowly filing up for the winter and already the fields around the house resemble a giant muddy sponge.

It’s chocolate and cinema time.

Or time to sit at home and think about coincidence – this month’s blog topic.

Coincidence. Think, think.

I decided this morning that coincidence has to have an element of the unexpected, something that is out of your control.

Charlotte, a 14-year-old French/Belgian female currently staying at our house and eating her way through our jar of Nutella is certainly out of my control.

The fact that she is staying is a surprise in itself, announced as it was at 17.30 yesterday evening as she got of the school bus.

However, she is more than welcome.

She was here in the house when Minnie was born, albeit inside her own mum’s tum and Minnie was at her house the day Charlotte popped into the world, and she lived with us in San Francisco for a whole summer.

Actually she didn’t pop into this world, she exploded - and since I had been instructed to catch the moment on camera……..

Well I’m still recovering.

Yesterday evening as we sat down to eat she went all philosophical on us and announced to my son – “In a year and three months you will be twenty.”

Her mum used to be a math’s teacher.

It was an alarming thought for Loui, and for myself though probably for different reasons and when I communicated the fact to Krissie who is sitting in Tim’s apartment in Cologne she too disappeared into pensive backwaters.

This morning I took Minnie to a piano lesson, leaving Charlotte with the jar of Nutella and Loui with his dreams and then drove down to town to buy the paper and check to see if we were financially viable for another week.

By chance I picked up the newest edition of the local cinema programme and as I waited in the pouring rain for my potential female Keith Jarret to emerge I started to see what was coming up this month.

There was something I might go to see, something I really DON”T want to see, something I should see but will depress me, something I have already seen and would hate to see again, something I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole but which Minnie and Charlotte have already bought tickets, and then…………

I read the synopsis, and I translate –

“The Mayas, one of the most fascinating civilizations the world has ever seen, made a prophecy that the world would end soon. Since then astrologists have agreed, geophysists have decided it is dangerously possible and even government scientists have also arrived at this terrifying conclusion.”

The year, and name of the film?


My son will be 20 in one year and three months.

February 2012.

I hope for him the Mayas got it wrong.

A bit of a coincidence eh?

AND, i have an old picture of him leaning against the Berlin Wall which gives me a chance to post a third consecutive photo with a bit of wall on it!

And keep the Berlin connection rolling.

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