Friday, 15 May 2009

Ba Ba Black Sheep

You never can tell can you?

It turns out that what i wrote last month about the Chernobyl accident was not complete, and in the rare likelihood that someone read my post and remembers i will take a moment to update.

A recent newspaper article in the Guardian explained that some farms and sheep in the upland areas of England are still being monitored.

Perhaps most worrying is that the number of farms mentioned in this recent article are MORE than in the one i quoted from 2003.


1. Either they were lying in 2003
2. Things have got worse.
3. Nobody has a clue.

Apparently it also depends if the sheep are on top of the hill or in the valley.

I don't have a great knowledge of sheep and what they get up to during the day but i think they are pretty ignorant of government guidelines and tend to go where they want.

As a misguided, and on that day bored, teenager i once tried to catch a sheep. I know i shouldn't have, that it was wrong and i have since apologized to all things on four legs, but i had had a frustrating day fishing (something else i have since apologized for) and it was in essence a scientific experiment.

I learnt that sheep are usually unhindered by fence or mountain, very fast too when they choose.

So if sheep's radiation depends on their grazing altitude i think i will avoild lamb cutlets for a while longer.

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