Wednesday, 22 April 2009

shadows and soft silence

Was it someone who said "every picture is worth a thousand words"?

Or was it a photograph, in a waxing moment of lyricism?

Here is one anyhow.

It's part of a possibly developing series inspired by shadows - which seem to be particularly strong at the moment, possibly a conjunction of emerging sunlight and naked tree.

Obviously this photo lacks both tree and sun, taken as it was inside under interior light, but it does include a picture of my mum.

A week ago a friend Carol became the official "person who has submitted the most comments to this blog" - an achievement she managed on a single day of the blog's two year existence, three if you count it's predecessor>

And carol is a photographer of high excelence whose work can, and should, be seen on her new website.

I hope my humble link will send digital traffic her way though the fact that she hold this blogs record number of comments with a count of three does not bode well.

Still it may give her time to complete the section of her website titled 'thoughts" which is, for now a beautifully pure conceptual blank.

Sometimes the raging madness of an artist's brain remains better unsaid, and left to a photo.

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