Friday, 20 February 2009


Yesterday's title was a reference to something someone once said during a meditation initiation that i attended with my friend Mike back in the Portobello days.

Mike features somewhere else in this blog (i think he gets at least a whole post to himself though he deserves so much more) and at one time lived above a dry cleaners in Portobello road, London, or at least until the place burnt down when a candle was left unattended.

Anyhow, even though Mike is much in my mind today, that is all irrelevant as the important thing is NOT that the lead meditator compared the first time you meditate and achieve an inner calm to an elephant tip toeing through the jungle -no one expects it so the elephant gets through without the jungle waking, the second time the jungle is ready and all hell breaks out - BUT the fact that i wrote yesterday's post several days earlier and only posted it yesterday.

Like i said the other day, seems that you can't trust anything these days so i would like to apologize about the apparent falsity of the post. If i do it again i will say so.

One of the reasons Mike is in mind is that i just put my phone down next to the open chess board that is still waiting for his reply to my move of last October. The other is the weather.

It seems that you can wait all winter for Spring to come along and suddenly two of them turn up, it's that good. For the first time i get washing up on the outside line, lunch is eaten outside, a wasp AND a bee turn up and now i am so hot sitting out here that i have to take of my jumper and go back to the pyjamas that i am trying to stay in all day.

Friends in Berlin, who don't seem so far away, are sitting in 23 centimeters of snow, we are sitting in 23 degrees of celsius.

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