Friday, 13 February 2009


I don't know, it seems you can't trust anyone anymore (see Sunday's post).

It turns out that the cross atlantic swimmer was only in the water for 19 of her 24 days and still no word as to whether the boat miraculously stayed in place at the point where she stopped swimming. Said swimmer was unavailable for comment.

Call me romantic maybe but i think if i claimed to have swum the Atlantic i would make sure firstly that i knew the difference between swimming and sitting in a boat.

It's been a pretty depressing week as a result, compounded yesterday by someone telling me about a French company whose idea of safely disposing of hazardous nuclear waste included laying it under new roads that were being built.

And then i see this possible image of our Earth and the satellites and space debris that surround her..

I naively imagined it still to be a virgin blue and green lost amidst black infinity.

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