Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

London Town, new year's eve and a few surprises.

An afternoon at the Tate modern smelling oddly of cold Christmas pudding and perfume.

A Picasso or two, a Miro and even Monet's Lillies, though more people seemed to be looking out the window at the Millennium Bridge that scuttles across to St Paul's - moored ship like on the north bank of the Thames.

Sand sculptors building a piano down on the beach where mud larks used to work, the restored and whitewashed Globe and a replica Golden Hynde moored next to a coffee shop.

When the sky is blue central London is a gem, today the sky is grey and the last day of the year is bitterly cold and damp so it is a place more to hurray through.

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