Monday, 8 December 2008

Happy Birthday

The population of the nearest village is a startling 263. It's a quiet place and some would describe it as the middle of nowhere, even some among the 263. Recently the road that runs through the place has been resurfaced and although the main traffic problem occurs when BOTH tractors meet the school bus we now have TWO pedestrian crossings!

This alone is maybe not so, so surprising but i wonder how they decided where to place them and how they were able to limit themselves to two. The discussion had to be something like,"well Fabrice always crosses the road there so lets put one here, and Isabelle always crosses there so we need one there. Do you think Pascale will move down and use that one?"

What does this have to do with doors and advent calendars? Not a lot, but Jim Morrison was a Door, today was his birthday, today is Krissie's birthday and so i decided to try to find on youtube a video that had a door and "Happy Birthday".

It seems that youtube is about as logical as the pedestrian crossings in the local village.

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