Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Deck the Halls

The horses were no where to be seen this morning, just piles and scrapes that marked their passing, so this evening i descended into the valley to look for them.

The wind was from the North and the sky was thick and heavy and waiting. Snow is up there, we may wake to it down here tomorrow.

There was no sign of hair or hide, tail or mane but as i climbed up through the forest a flock of migrating wings buzzed overhead which made the clouds seem even more dour.

And since the village have decided it is time for a public display and since Krissie's birthday has been duly celebrated i picked up - well dragged up as it has tried to root itself - the Christmas Tree that has been living outside and brought it in, through the door to decorate.

Last year a good friend,Yogi,shared his with us.

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