Sunday, 2 November 2008

Third Eye

My compost heap is very orange; it seems appropriate as the day I noticed this was November 1st, the day of the dead and morning after the night before of Halloween.

The visible section of compost is largely the entrails of the pumpkin, carved for the festive moment and a healthy addition of tangerine skins and orange peel; the tangerines are just arriving on our shores and the oranges are pale imitations of the Spanish ones that will hit the street in a month or two times.

The beginning of November has also heralded the (possibly) annual visit of Antoine and his sheep.

Antoine is a rarity in today's world - a young but old fashioned shepherd. He walks and talks with his sheep, visiting friend's fields for a few days before foraging on. He spends the days, months, years with them and hence smells like one as well.

Last night we visited the field, it was full dark, empty of moon and a suddenly lit torch exposed their sentinel eyes as fluorescent sparks.

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