Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Coincidence is a flukey thing.

Yesterday at the burn-bush party the host talked to me about her neighbours house describing it as "South Fork". The term meant nothing to me and as i was still at a sociable stage of the evening i asked her to repeat herself, then explain and finally to ellucidate.

The next day (which logically would be today but actually was also yesterday, allbeit a different yesterday)i sat down at dusk on a bench overlooking the river and illuminated by the glowing orb of the park light i started to read the latest in my attempt to devour all of Bill Pronzini's Nameless detective series.

The evening was a perfect close to an almost perfect day, that had offered nothing more than uninterrupted opportunity and escalated from one insignificant pleasure to the next; undisputed lie in, unhurried internet surf, perfect cup of coffee, impromptu children's piano practice, enlightning newspaper discoveries, good fruit salad, radiant autumn day, riverside bike ride into the sunset, almost full moon over the river, purple sky transforming to blue-black night and the first star and a wish.

There on page 13 - "South Fork".

My mum was a great believer in the law of threes. Things happen in three, maybe because she too had spent time in showbusiness where the three line gag is technical necessity.

My daughter is amazed by coincidence and hours later we spoke about the Wizard of Oz andthen suddenly in an episode of Lost (she is ploghing her way through the third series and frightening herself at the same time) - Wizard of Oz. She called me in, rewound the DVD (if that is what you do)and showed me.

Earlier she reminded me of a dream she had had that apparently she had told me about and which therefore i have possibly completely forgotten. Everyone at school was riding giraffes and she and her friends hid themselves and their giraffes and secretly started eating nutella.

And that may or may not explain the t-spoon and jar of nutella that i found on the floor near the toilet this morning.

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