Sunday, 28 September 2008

Red and Gold

When i was a kid i used to think that it might be possible that we were each given a limited amount of words that we could use in a lifetime and that saying too much too quickly could lead to early onset muteness. The dilemma would be what to say when.

More recently, and this is only connected by the idea of "theory", i decided that every year there would be one fruit of any type that would be the best you would taste that season. The dilemma would be whether to continue eating after this defining moment.

The other day i had a blackberry that was perfect, slightly nutty. And the bushes are beginning to look dry.

In the market the melons have disappeared and the Muscat grapes have taken their place.

And so i also think that there is always one tree that is the first among the forest to change colour and from the house there is a deciduous hillside and the one tree is always the first. This year i missed the moment, turned to look yesterday and already i can't distinguish which was the first.

So, it's autumn.

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