Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I had never been to Agen before so i thought i'd take a look.
Driving in past the usual and disappointing mix of supermarket, petrol station and D.I.Y.stores, it all seemed dusty and tired.
But then it changed and i was no longer passing structures thrown up quickly in cheap metal and chipboard at a time of profit and greed; i was driving down avenues lined with trees planted at least a century before and buildings carved and fashioned from a soft yellow sandstone, dressed with wrought iron balconies and a beautiful, though neglected, bandstand sitting forlorn in what was once an esplanade now fighting not to be remembered as a car park.
It was Sunday, market day in the centre, which i found by inversely following the people returning, carrying bags of vegetables and especially flowers.
I compare it to my local market where i would have been if not here; prunes caught my eye, more strawberries and inexplicably more bamboo shoots and asparagus.
And Roses. A table of Roses. Buy 10 and get 5 free, any colour.
I would have chosen the soft-pink ones for you.

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