Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Testing, testing....
So (see June 1st) it turns out that it DOES work, but it takes 10 or 11 days for Dave to catch you.
The weird thing though is that i immediately suffered a 10 day computer shut down that may or may not be the CIA's responsibility.
All in all i reckon you have a 9 day leaway if you want to sneak past the authorities, Dave included. This is much better than the character in the science fiction book "Time is the Simplest Thing", who once he realises that he has traded minds with a benign alien on a distant star can only expect about an hour headstart before the thought police on earth burgle the precious mystery of his brain. It's a great book, though to be honest i read it as a teenager and books i have gone back too in more advanced years have been disapointing.
Here by the way is the newspaper report about the Japanese woman who enjoyed a parallel life in someone's wardrobe.

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