Monday, 16 June 2008

She wants the t-shirt

Just before Christmas 2002 i heard that the Rolling Stones would play in the Vélodrome, Marseille in July the following year. I thought a ticket would make an excellent present for Krissie who is a life long fan and as one ticket seemed a bit odd I bought two hoping that she would take Loui; I am not a fan of stadium shows or even the Stones if truth be told.
I was wrong, she took me, and so on a summer’s evening, as the light began to ebb from the day and the mountains behind the stands were lost to the night I found myself sitting amongst a very excitable thousands of people.
To deserved applause the support band finished and said goodnight and the team of stage hands systematically dismantled the set and started building another. More people came into the stadium, someone started a Mexican wave, a false cry went up as someone entered onto the stage, the support band took their seats with us, and then as the night fully established itself a troop of light crew appeared and scaled the towering light rigs. Another false cry, further adjustments, a lull, and then the lights went out and boom there they were the world’s greatest rock and roll band.
It was a great night, a great show and I was converted.
Today was father’s day and tonight I took Minnie to the village to see Scorcese’s concert film of the band Shine A Light.
She’s converted too.

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