Monday, 19 May 2008

One born every minute

I have received two e-mails in as many days informing me that i have either won or could immediately benefit from huge sums of money. By huge i mean really huge, today's offer was a 30 percent share in 290 million!!
Agents are standing by to deliver the money, the first of which was apparently won immaculately in the English lottery and the second is mine if i keep my mouth shut and don't tell anyone what's going on, even though i have never featured in the Chamber of Commerce list which it seems is the source of my good fortune.
The strange thing is that this coincided with the appearance of this poster in my local town. The publicity drive of this particular organisation rivals that of the e-mailers; the local hairdresses had two posters and another on the lampost outside and the total number of posters is greater than the poulation of the village.
I have to admit that although there is no danger that the e-mails would entice me either to phone Mr John Biggs ( a name that seems a little too close to the Great Train Robbers) or send him details of my religion , that for some reason he requests, the Aquatic Ballet almost induced me to part 5 euro for a ticket.

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