Saturday, 31 May 2008


Mendezie may or may not be the swahili word for banana; i must check.
It was also used as a name by two jugglers who by chance or fate gave their first TV performance in a converted former banana wharehouse in East London.
I use it this morning because my friend Dave has a google alert out on the word and i think he desrves a surprise.
Hi Dave; hope all is well though there is not a great deal to report here. The newspapers are full of the story from Lille where a marriage has been anulled as one of the two lied about their virginity. Weird world.
Meanwhile this evening in Toulouse the French football team play a friendly in preparation for the upcoming Euro competition against Paraguay.
And in Paraguay there are trees with.......bananas.


Dave said...

But do they grow up or down?

popps said...

northern hemisphere perspective or southern

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