Friday, 30 May 2008


It's not every day that a British newspaper publishes an article written by an elderly statesman, or any other interesting politician come to that. And although i am not completely naive enough to believe that he sat down on his balcony and scribbled it off expressly to communicate with readers in far flung parts of the Guardian reading world it was however a nice surprise to find Fidel Castro on the front page of the digital version.
My mum always told me that things come in threes, though it was probably accidents and bad luck to which she referred, so it was a double surprise as the evening before I had unexpectedly watched a documentary about the footballer Diego Maradonna in which Fidel featured heavily.
I would be hard pressed to recall the last time Fidel figured in the day; sure he was in the news a lot a while back with his illness and impending death and as an adolescent I was more than inspired by his revolutionary heroics but with the exception of once owning one of Chairman Mao’s little red books,screen painting a red fist onto one of my t-shirts and throwing up after drinking a rum and coke I have never really thrown cobblestones in anger.
Thus, since Mr Castro so rarely crosses my day to day life directly I am now awaiting that third occurrence.

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