Saturday, 12 April 2008

Home Sweet Home

Your own domestic situation may not allow it but i realised this morning that it would be perfectly possible for someone to be living in my house without me knowing.

This revelation is not connected to the fact that members of my nearest and dearest seem at time to be living in parallel worlds but simply an acknowledgement that if someone was sufficiently motivated then they would be capable.

This suspicion was aroused when I found a plate distinctly not where I had left it, with no other immediate explanation as remotely convincing.

It would require a certain degree of discipline on behalf of the intruder, though nothing more than a period of careful observation; my morning ritual is fairly permanent and the occasional surprise resulting from a long lie in would not pose too many complications; the rest of the family likewise.

I guess they would sleep in the cellar, but the sofa would be an attractive alternative and there would be plenty of time to move somewhere if they heard someone coming.

ps. This isn't an invitation.

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