Saturday, 22 March 2008

Ivy 2

My first memory of my Aunt is a disturbing one, sharing a bed at the onset of adolescence.

The intimacy was forced by circumstances of space during a sleep over but I remember feeling very uncomfortable.

She never married, though this has nothing to do with our sharing a bed, and although you may suspect her to be a typical spinster I was shocked once when playing a game of scruples with her how unscrupulous she seems to be.

She may be responsible for my love of games as it was at the house she shared with my gran that I started playing a vintage version of buccaneer that had, to my young eyes, real gold bars.

It was there that I heard Lonnie Donegan sing for the first time, he didn’t give a concert in her front room but she had an early 45 of his that she played on a portable record player.

Nowadays she is famous in our family for her loaded water pistol that sits on the windowsill waiting for the neighbours cats to dare to cross her garden.

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