Sunday, 10 February 2008


I've been saying that spring has sprung, and i offer this photo of evidence. Tucked in there at the back are the snow drops.

This cross is near home but i don't know who is responsible for the flower pot that also appears as spring arrives.

Another sign that spring is firmly on its way is the fact that Tim rang to annonce that the eggs are ready to collect for anyone that is interested in participating what will be the 5th concecutive egg event in the local town of St Antonin.

I think Tim single handedly started and carried the event for much of the first four years and it is perhaps surprising that he phoned me as he now lives in Switzerland.

His phone message was;

"Hello, um, it's Tim from St Anton.., well not from St Antonin but somewhere else actually. I'm ringing about the eggs...."

I first met Tim when he served me an excellent café latte in his art gallery that was thinking about being a coffee shop too, and again later as he was watching his ice-egg slowly melt through the festival.

Which you can see in this video.

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