Thursday, 12 May 2011


It’s hot.

Very hot.

My legs are too hot.

My feet are ok, I scrubbed last year’s sun cream off of my sandals yesterday evening and my arms are pretty happy – sticking, as they are, out of short sleeves, but my legs - imprisoned in these black trousers – are mightily complaining.

“Let us out, let us out!” they scream.

Sorry guys you have to stay there until late this evening, unless I drive home in my boxers.

Hmm, might just to do that.


Mary said...

Please stop with the IT'S TOO HOT -- it's 6 bleeping degrees here. The heat is still blasting in the house. Feather duvets on the beds, Can't put out a single potted flower because I'm worried it'll freeze.

This global warming thing is a mystery to me.


popps said...

LIFE is a mystery to me!